Fabric Samples

These are some of the Vale Bridegcraft fabrics available on the range. As you can see they are price grouped from C to A++ but this is not related to quality of the fabric or the wearability, simply matters such as pattern matching and upholstering techniques.  IF YOU CAN'T SEE YOUR FABRIC CHOICE HERE JUST CALL US, THERE SO MANY FABRICS AVAILABLE (AND NEW ONES BEING LAUNCHED MONTHLY) THAT WE DON'T HAVE ALL OPTIONS SHOWN ALL THE TIME.

Grade C Fabrics

Currently none available
Currently none available

Grade B Fabrics

Tangiers Oatmeal
Tangiers Porridge

Tangiers Peach
Tangiers Evergreen

Tangiers Barley
Tangiers Raisin

Tangiers Hemp
Tangiers Grey

Tangiers Denim
Tangiers Slate

SR15797 Duck Egg
SR15796 Linen

SR15793 Oyster
SR15792 Corn

SR15791 Cocoa
SR15790 Celadon

Ripple Jade
Ripple Honey

Ripple Duck Egg
Ripple Cocoa

Ripple Wheat
Ripple Pearl

Ripple Oyster
Ripple Mint

Prato 10000
Prato 10010

Prato 62
Prato 10

Plush 50
Plush 40

Plush 30
Plush 20

Plush 10
Opulence 11

Opulence 10
Genziana 54

Genziana 51
Genziana 49

Genziana 48
Garda 23002

Garda 21004
Garda 10010

Garda 62
Garda 10

Garda 10000
Dallas Soft Gold

Dallas Sand
Dallas Olive

Dallas Coral
Dallas Celadon

Grade B+ Fabrics

Bagatel 173702
Bagatel 173706

Bagatel 173707
Bagatel 173720

Bagatel 175467
Bagatel 175468

 Jasmine EN4
Jasmine EV49

Oriana Cherry
Oriana Mushroom

Oriana Pecan
Senea 466

Senea 488
Ungaro FU101

Ungaro FU105
Ungaro FU652

Ungaro FU702
Ungaro FU6010

Ungaro FU7010

Grade A Fabrics

Currently none available
Currently none available

Grade A+ Fabrics

Bainbridge Denim
Bainbridge Jade

Bainbridge Loam
Bainbridge Pastel

Banbridge Pimpernel
Bainbridge Tan

Eltham Blush
Eltham Claret

Eltham Imperial
Eltham Lichen

Eltham Marl
Eltham Merlot

Eltham Mocha
Eltham Navy

Eltham Seagrass


If you would like us to send you a sample of any fabric please send us your name, address and postcode to this email link with the name of the fabric.

Fabric Care

We recommend that you vacuum your upholstery regularly and remove stains by means of a damp cloth (not over-wet) and soapy water or mild detergent if necessary, following closely the manufacturer's instructions. For more stubborn stains please consult a professional cleaning company.

All pile fabrics including chenilles are subject to a certain degree of shading or pile crush with frequent use. This is not a fabric fault, nor will it detract from the wearing properties of the material. The effect of pile crush can be minimised by regular brushing with a soft brush and occasional steaming where the pile is showing signs of wear.

In order to create the extra softness inherent in 'chaise'-type seatwraps it is important to remember that the upholstery is somewhat looser than in conventional seating, particularly as it cannot be pulled tightly from side to side. This may result in a little 'bagginess' or 'wrinkliness' appearing in certain fabrics which can usually be smoothed out by hand after use.

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