Fabric & Leather Samples


Grade A Fabrics

Austen Dove
Austen Oatmeal

Baslow Plain Gold
Baslow Plain Mink

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Baslow Plain Mulberry

Bexley Linen
Bexley Oatmeal

Bexley Sea Spray
Bexley Smoke

Bexley Thistle
Bloomsbury Duck Egg

Bloomsbury Heather
Boucle Cherry

Boucle Claret
Boucle Chocolate
Boucle Corn
Boucle Fennell

Boucle Heather
Boucle Jute
Boucle Oyster
Boucle Porridge

Boucle Sage
Boucle Terracotta
Boucle Truffle
Caledonian Grey

Caledonian Oatmeal
Caledonian Pebble

Caledonion Silver
Caledonian Stone
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Camden Beige

Camden Blue
Camden Green

Coniston Beige
Coniston Blue

Coniston Gold
Coniston Green

Coniston Red
Coniston Wheat

Crackle Mink
Crackle Sage

Cromwell Barley
Cromwell Mint

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Cromwell Natural

Edinburgh Charcoal
Edinburgh Duck Egg

Edinburgh Gold
Edinburgh Mink

Edinburgh Pewter
Eliot Gold

Eliot Sage
Eliot Smoke

Eliot Plain Sage
Eliot Plain Smoke

Equinox Butterscotch
Equinox thumb terracotta

Equinox Light Blue Equinox Sage

Equinox Sand Equinox Terracotta

Euphoria Charcoal
Euphoria Coffee

Euphoria Duck Egg
Euphoria Green

Euphoria Light Green
Euphoria Mulberry

Euphoria Sand
Fern Caramel

Fern Sky
Fox Beige

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Fox Blue

Francesca Co-ordinate Charcoal
Francesca Co-ordinate Heather

Fusion Gold
Fusion Grey

Fusion Sage
Fusion Stone

Grange Auburn
Grange Mulberry

Grange Plain Auburn
Grange Plain Mulberry
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Harris Caramel

Harris Check Caramel
Harris Check Duck Egg

Harris Duck Egg
Harris Rose

Harris Slate
Harris Stripe Caramel

Harris Stripe Duck Egg
Harris Stripe Slate

Highland Gold
Jennings Amethyst

Jennings Mist
Jennings Old Gold

Jennings Oyster
Jennings Pewter

Jennings Silver
Madrid Beige

Madrid Blue
Madrid Red

Matteo Caramel
Matteo Duckegg

Mountain Caramel
Murray Check Cream

Murray Check Gold
Murray Patchwork Cream

Murray Patchwork Gold
Pampas Duck Egg

Pampas Gold
Pampas Mink

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Paris Duck Egg

Paris Oyster
Paris Silver

Ragley Plain Red
Sabrina Beige

Sabrina Caramel
Sabrina Sky

Taluca Caramel
Taluca Green
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Taluca Slate

Tuscany Butter
Tuscany Sand

Vialli Malachite
Vialli Sable

William Cream
Vine Sage

Willow Cream
Willow Oatmeal

Willow Pebble
Vialli Amethyst

Grade B fabrics

Austen Medallion Dove
Austen Medallion Oatmeal

Austen Stripe Dove
Austen Stripe Oatmeal

Austen Trellis Dove
Austen Trellis Oatmeal

Baslow Check Gold
Baslow Check Mulberry

Baslow Medallion Gold
Baslow Medallion Mink

Baslow Medallion Mulberry
Baslow Stripe Gold

Baslow Stripe Mink
Baslow Stripe Mulberry

Birma Gold
Bloomsbury Co-Ordinate Duck Egg

Bloomsbury Co-Ordinate Heather
Callas Antique

Candy Melrose Stripe Henner
Candy Melrose Stripe Honey

Capture Duck Egg
Capture Grey

Capture Mink
Capture Natural

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Cassian Antique Red

Francesca Medallion Charcoal
Francesca Medallion Heather

Francesca Stripe Charcoal
Francesca Stripe Heather

Harris Check Slate

Henrietta Coordinate Royal
Henrietta Coordinate Ruby

Henrietta Royal
Henrietta Ruby
Highgrove Check Berry
Highgrove Medallion Berry

Julia Red
Julia Stripe Red
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Mabel Gold

Mabel Stripe Gold
Mabel Stripe Terracotta

Mabel Terracotta
Mancini Black

Mancini Pewter
Mancini Ivory
Melrose Honey
Melrose Stripe Honey

Montague Antique Red
Montauk Check Gold

Montauk Medallion Gold
Montauk Narrow Stripe Gold

Montauk Plain Gold
Montauk Wide Stripe Gold
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Mozart Heather

Mozart Ruby
Murray Herringbone Cream

Murray Herringbone Gold
Murray Plaid Cream

Murray Stripe Cream
Murray Plaid Gold

Murray Stripe Gold
Nouveau Caramel

Nouveau Rose
Nouveau Stripe Caramel

Nouveau Stripe Rose
Paris Damask Duck Egg

Paris Damask Oyster
Paris Damask Silver

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Paris Medallion Duck Egg

Paris Medallion Oyster
Paris Medallion Silver

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Paris Narrow Stripe Duck Egg

Paris Narrow Stripe Oyster
Paris Narrow Stripe Silver

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Paris Stripe Duck Egg

Paris Stripe Oyster
Paris Stripe Silver
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Ragley Plain Red

Ragley Medallion Blue
Ragley Medallion Red

Ragley Stripe Red
Sabrina Beige
Sandringham Check Cream
Strandy Stripe Caramel

Strandy Stripe Red
Theodora Gold

Theodora Plain Gold
Theodora Plain Red

Whitfield Rose
Whitfield Sky

Wickham Old Gold
Wilson Check Lilac

Wilson Check Sage
Wilson Stripe Lilac

Wilson Stripe Sage
Windsor Check Duckegg

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Windsor Stripe Duckegg

Grade C fabrics

Azue Plain Gold
Balenciaga Antique Red

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Balenciaga Red Gold

Balmoral Co-Ordinate Stone Balmoral Stone

Balmoral Stripe Stone
Bolero Plain Red
Camberley Co-ordinate Silver
Camberley Medallion Silver
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Camberley Stripe Silver

Columbus Motif Ruby
Columbus Ruby

Cuba Coordinate Sand
Cuba Floral Sand

Cuba Plain Sand
Cuba Stripe Sand Claret
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Milo Geometric Blue

Milo Geometric Green Milo Stripe Blue

Milo Stripe Green Peru Ruby

Peru Stripe Ruby
Pontevecchio Co-Ordinate Gold
Pontevecchio Co-Ordinate Heather Scott Heather
Scott Co-ordinate Heather Scott Stripe Heather

Whitfield Stripe Rose
Whitfield Stripe Sky

Wickham Houndstooth Old Gold

Wickham Old Gold
Wickham Plaid Old Gold


Como Black
Como Caramel

Como Chocolate
Como Conker

Como Cream
Como Mink

Como Oak
Como Red

Como Sage
Como Taupe

Como Slate
Como Skye Blue
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Dallas Dark Brown

Dallas Tan
Garda Chestnut

Garda Chocolate
London Saddle

Monza Chalk - Lifestyle Only
Monza Clay - Lifestyle Only

Monza Limestone - Lifestyle Only
Monza Putty - Lifestyle Only

Monza Sand - Lifestyle Only
Oxford Cedar

Oxford Chocolate
Oxford Midnight

Safari Rust


If you would like us to send you a sample of any fabric please send us your name, address and postcode to this email link with the name of the fabric.

Fabric Care

We recommend that you vacuum your upholstery regularly and remove stains by means of a damp cloth (not over-wet) and soapy water or mild detergent if necessary, following closely the manufacturer's instructions. For more stubborn stains please consult a professional cleaning company.

All pile fabrics including chenilles are subject to a certain degree of shading or pile crush with frequent use. This is not a fabric fault, nor will it detract from the wearing properties of the material. The effect of pile crush can be minimised by regular brushing with a soft brush and occasional steaming where the pile is showing signs of wear.

In order to create the extra softness inherent in 'chaise'-type seatwraps it is important to remember that the upholstery is somewhat looser than in conventional seating, particularly as it cannot be pulled tightly from side to side. This may result in a little 'bagginess' or 'wrinkliness' appearing in certain fabrics which can usually be smoothed out by hand after use.

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