This August we have added two fabulous new ranges to our website, Corndell Furniture Nimbus Range and 13 different Core Products Collections such as Jamestown, Capri, Denver and Cotswold.

The Corndell Nimbus collection of furniture is made in 4 different shades of Oak and has over 140 different pieces of furniture for the Living & Dining areas, Home Office and the Bedroom. There is quick delivery throughout this collection and we bring it all in to the home and set it all up fpr you, including taking away the packaging. So whether it is a bedsite chest, sideboard, dining suite or even a Nimbus desk we have it available for you.

If you need your furniture super quick, within the week let's say, then we'd suggets the Core Products collections. We have a wide choice of different Pine ranges as well as painted collections and these again cover all areas of the home. All these Core Products collections are delivered direct from the manucturer to your door, and as they are self assembley  there will be no trouble with access to the highest bedroom or the down the longest corridor