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Below are the current fabrics for the Jilly, Chiltern, Helsinki and Lambourne ranges.

JC & MP Smith Fabrics

Alex Park Dobby Sand
Alex Park Herringbone Mist

Alex Park Herring' Oatmeal
Alex Park Herringbone Steel

Alex Park Patchwork Mist
Alex Park Patchwork Oatmeal

Alex Park Patchworth Sand
Alex Park Patchworth Steel

Alex Park Ripple Mist
Alex Park Ripple Oatmeal

Alex Park Ripple Steel
Alex Park Wave Mist

Alex Park Wave Oatmeal
Alex Park Wave Steel

Caledonian Cord Cocoa
Caledonian Cord Nutmeg

Caledonian Cord Oatmeal
Caledonian Floral Oatmeal
Caledonian Herringbone Nutmeg Caledonian Herringbone Cocoa
Caledonian Herringbone Oatmeal Caledonian Patchwork Cocoa
Caledonian Patchwork NutmegCaledonian Patchwork Oatmeal

Cromwell Herringbone Biscuit
Cromwell Herringbone Grey

Cromwell Herringbone Oatmeal
Cromwell Herringbone Stone

Cromwell Leaf Biscuit
Cromwell Leaf Grey

Cromwell Leaf Oatmeal
Cromwell Leaf Stone

Cromwell Swirl Biscuit
Cromwell Swirl Grey

Cromwell Swirl Oatmeal
Cromwell Swirl Stone

Maida Vale Broad Stripe Gold
Maida Vale Broad Stripe Grey

Maida Vale Broad Stripe Linen
Maida Vale Broad Stripe Stone

Maida Vale Candy Stripe Gold
Maida Vale Candy Stripe Grey

Maida Vale Candy Stripe Linen
Maida Vale Candy Stripe Stone

Maida Vale Chunky Gold
Maida Vale Chunky Grey

Maida Vale Chunky Linen
Maida Vale Chunky Stone

Maida Vale Floral Gold
Maida Vale Floral Grey

Maida Vale Floral Linen
Maida Vale Floral Stone

Maida Vale Plaid Gold
Maida Vale Plaid Grey

Maida Vale Plaid Linen
Maida Vale Plaid Stone
Cristallo Floral Beige
Cristallo Floral Blue
Cristallo Floral Cocoa
Cristall Plain Beige
Cristall Plain Blue
Cristallo Plain Cocoa
 Lana Plaid Claret
Lana Plaid Dove Grey
Montana Brushstokes Oatmeal
Montana Floral Oatmeal

Montana Plain Oatmeal
Nova Wave Oatmeal

Virginia Floral Beige
Virginia Plain Beige
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Soho Lattice Terracotta

Portobello Patchwork Rust
Portobello Patchwork Celadon
Camden Floral Wheat
Camden Leaf Wheat

Vintage Bourneville
Vintage Terracotta

Vintage Moss
Vintage Stone
Portebello Boucle Cocoa
Portebello Boucle Rust

Portebello Leaf Cocoa
Portebello Leaf Jute
Window Pane Dove Grey
Window Pane Dove Claret

If you would like us to send you a sample of any fabric please send us your name, address and postcode to this email link with the name of the fabric.

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