Fabric & Leather Samples


Cintique Grade C Fabrics

C382 Plain Moss
C386 Plain Cherry

C455 Beige Brush Stokes
C485 Beige Leaf
C478 - Multi Floral C475 - Terracotta Floral
C454 - Mint Brush Strokes (ft
C451 - Champagne Brush Strokes (ft)
C533 - Mink Leaf C484 Mint Leaf (ft)
C534 - Lt Grey Leaf C535 - Pink Leaf
C381 - Oyster Plain
C539 - Brown Leaf
C387 - Jute Plain (ft)
C389 - Cocoa Plain (ft)
C464 - Mint Plain
C461 - Champagne Plain
C569 - Cocoa Plain C551 - Oatmeal Patchwork (ft)
C559 Cocoa Patchwork
C557 - Nutmeg Patchwork
C567 - Nutmeg Plain
C561 - Oatmeal Plain
C465 - Plain Beige C481 - Champagne Leaf (ft)

C621 - Beige
C623 Mink Floral
C641 - Beige C642 - Green
C644 - Blue C730 - Beige
C734 - Sky C736-Red
C738 - Lavender C741-Grey

C747 - Cream C744 - Blue

C751 - Grey
C752 - Gold

C753 - Linen
C773 - Cotton Leaf

C787 - Champagne Floral C776 - Antique Leaf

C777 - Linen Leaf
C780 - Cotton Floral

C851 - Duck Egg Floral
C852 - Aqua Floral

C853 - Camelia Floral
C855 Moonstone Floral

C870 Alpine Floral
C871 Oyster Floral

C872 Oatmeal Floral (ft)
C873 Silver Floral

C940 - Plain Blue
C880 Alpine Plain

C881 Oyster Plain
C882 Oatmeal Plain (fs)

C883 Silver Plain
C920 Plain Stone
C921 Plain Grey
C923 Plain Alpine
C924 Plain Oatmeal
C941 Plain Linen

C942 Plain Grey

C961 Plain Grey
C962 Plain Pebble

C964 Plain Gold
C972 Plain Oatmeal

C973 Plain SLate
C974 Plain Pebble
C981 Plain Slate
C982 Plain Asphalt
C983 Plain Platinum
C984 Plain Aqua

C992 Plain Cream
C993 Plain Beige

C995 Plain Gold
C996 Plain Blue

C1010 Patchwork Stone
C1013 Patchwork Alpine

C1020 Floral Stone
C1023 Floral Alpine

C1024 Floral Oatmeal
C1030 Herringbone Stone

C1033 Herringbone Alpine
C1034 Herringbone Oatmeal

C1041 Plain Marble
C1043 Plain Pewter

C1051 Floral Marble
C1053 Floral Pewter

Cintique Grade D Fabrics

D1591 Grey Floral D1594 Mint Floral

D1597 - Cream Floral
D1599 Pewter Floral

Cintique Leathers

Fortaleza Dark Grey - A
Fortaleza Grey - A

Fortaleza Sand - A
Fortaleza Tan - A

Chelsea Teal - B
Chelsea Mink -B

Chelsea Moonstone - B
Chelsea Truffle - B

Natura Black - B
Natura Brioche - B

Natura Chestnut - B
Natura Chocolate - B

Natura Claret - B
Natura Grey - B

Natura Stone - B

Cintique Wood Shades

Natural Oak
Mid Oak Autumn
Antique Pebble Grey

If you would like us to send you a sample of any fabric please send us your name, address and postcode to this email link with the name of the fabric.
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